End-to-end Modelling and Indicators for BIOdiversity Scenarios

(2012-2015) EMIBIOS is a international project funded by the French « Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversit√© ». It proposes to develop an end-to-end modelling approach to project future trajectories of marine biodiversity and associated ecosystem services under a combination of IPCC SRES and fisheries management scenarios in diverse marine ecosystems. The end-to-end model will ensure integration of the main components of the marine ecosystem from the physics, biogeochemistry, exploited fish species up to the fisheries and associated management and socio-economic contexts, while taking into account feedbacks within the environment-human system. Using this integrated modelling approach, the relevance of a set of biodiversity indicators for supporting decision-making will be evaluated under different scenarios of global change and fisheries management options.